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The Vital Role of Human Resources in Dalma

In a thriving company like Dalma the existence of a Human Resource Department is both vital and essential to the overall productivity and efficiency of a strong workforce. It is an accepted and proven fact that people are any company’s most important asset therefore an effective Human Resource Department may be a valued and respected asset to the organization. Essential HR objectives are established in line with the overall Dalma strategic business plan. The HR Department constantly evaluates the effectiveness of the Organisation. It initiates, stimulates, develops and supports required strategic changes in the company.

The HR Department has a responsibility to promote and maintain the overall success of the company. Listening to the views and requirements of both the employees and management, HR acts as an intermediary. It is also seen and recognized as a champion for change in line with the company’s vision, mission, values, goals, and culture. It advises the Management on all aspects of employee relations. HR is also responsible for the career development of all employees in respect to their performance, responsibilities, training and natural talents. This process improves job satisfaction, morale, and motivation.

Through the use of world class HR practices Dalma aims to be the Employer of Choice and create a great work environment. It goes without saying that Dalma is an Equal Opportunity Employer.